Industry Sectors

Ellis IP has experience in a broad range of industry sectors and technical subject matter

Clean Tech

Information and Experience

We are particularly passionate about working in this sector, not only because of the opportunities but also because of the importance of adoption, implementation and continued use of effective solutions. We have experience with a range of businesses and IP in this sector and sub-sectors. We have particular expertise in the subsectors of renewables, water technologies, low carbon construction and industrial biotechnology.

The world must adopt new energy technologies so the opportunity here massive – but what is the correct IP strategy? What is the purpose of your IP? To raise investment, to prevent competitors, to establish your niche? We have worked with numerous start-ups in the sector in providing IP audits, implementing IP strategy and managing portfolios


  •  Offshore wind
  • Tidal energy devices
  • Onshore micro wind
  • Fuel cell
  • Pollutant remediation
  • Biomass and biogas
  • Low carbon construction products

Industry body membership

  • Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association.
  • IBioIC – industrial biotechnology innovation centre.

Chemistry and materials

Information and Experience

A wide-ranging sector, we find we work with clients in technologies that cover many applications, from brewing/distilling and impact protection to imaging/printing and construction materials.
Materials continue to represent a mine of innovation possibilities.


  • Ink jet printing inks and media
  • Impact protection polymers
  • Composites
  • OLEDs
  • Compostable polymers

Industry body membership

  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Society of Chemical Industry
  • Scottish Chemical Industry Association

Medical and life sciences

information and Experience

Always an advancing area with wearable devices, personalised medicine and novel therapeutics continually in development and regularly brought to market.  Diagnostics and specialised laboratory consumables similarly require significant validation and reliablility, which takes time, effort and investment.  Commercialisation of technologies in these sector is challenging but rewarding and require sensible and effective IP protection.

We work with small and established clients medical devices, pharmaceutical product development, biosensors, diagnostics and biotech, helping establish and protect their competitive advantage.  Understanding where the value lies and ensuring protection effectively covers this, particularly in a changing environment is crucial.  Our smaller high growth potential clients benefit from appropriate IP strategy development, securing appropriate protection and capturing new ideas. Understanding the IP landscape can facilitate opportunity identification.


  • Wearable devices
  • Laboratory consumables
  • New chemical entities
  • Biosensors
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Medical imaging
  • Synthetic biology

Industry Body membership

  • IBioIC
  • RSC

Niche Sectors


Product Design
A rich area, we have experience working with clients in consumer products, veterinary articles, baby products, mobile accessories and fashion accessories.  They can be more immediate and require an adapted IP strategy.  Early filing is often necessary, due to early launch.  Available funds are often limited and budget needs to be managed.  Crown funding is often part of the mix, for smaller businesses.  A satisfying area to work in as we help entrepreneurs and add real, immediate and tangible value.

An enjoyable business sector which will always be enjoyable to work in.  There’s plenty of room for innovation, but it has to be commercially viable.  Fairly competitive and generally mature market.  Brand and design have a big part to play and sometimes patent protection.

Sports Technology
From functional clothing to training products to sports accessories, innovation opportunities abound.  We have worked with useful devices for everyday use to specialist apparatus and functional high-tech goods.

A hugely competitive business, but a lively, fun, sometimes difficult journey.  Very efficient, but robust IP protection is required, with focus on really key territories.  The opportunity to develop a business or identify licensing opportunities means IP in one form or another has a key role to play.

Food and Drink
Innovation in the food and drink sector can extend from development of functional foods, development of new varieties and processing technologies to testing and monitoring devices to product and market innovation, the variety of IP created in this sector and the immediacy and everyday relevance requires an agile but robust approach to IP and is enjoyable to work in.