Useful Links

Links to organisations such as Intellectual Property Offices

IP search and status sites


  • Espacenet patent
    Use a keyword search or classification search to carry out a search – what are competitors filing patents for, is your invention novel?
  • European patent register –
    Check for status information on European patent applications and view the public files.
  • UK patent office
    Search for recently filed UK patent applications which have not yet published.  Titles only are published shortly after filing, but if you know someone has filed a patent application, you can check that and confirm the date.
  • IPSUM –
    This is the UK IPO’s patent status information service and public file.  You can check the status (and file contents) of any published UK patent application or granted UK patent.
  • PAIR
    This is the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent status information site and public file where you can search status information on any published US patent application or granted US patent.


Trade Marks

  • TMView –
    TMView allows you to search for trade marks or trade mark owners in multiple territories, including the EU, US, Canada, Japan and Australia.
  • UK trade mark
    You can search for trade marks covering the UK here and also a trade mark with a known number or by owner.
  • TMclass
    This is EUIPO classification site where you can search for which class your goods and services may best be covered and help create a specification of goods and services using acceptable terms.
  •  USPTO TM ID Manual
    This is the USPTO site for checking for acceptable goods and services for trade marks at the US patent and trade mark office


IP offices