You want to understand the potential for IP asset creation and value growth from potential investments.

You want to see your assets grow and your portfolio companies flourish. You’d like your portfolio companies to be supported by IP attorneys who are focused on high-growth business priorities. You need attorneys who can help you evaluate investment opportunities and add value to your portfolio companies.

Adding value to your business

By engaging in investment due diligence, we will provide an overview of the IP associated with investment opportunity, likely scope of grant, patentable inventions, and freedom to operate issues according to the requirements and budget/investment level. We can help portfolio companies or potential investees understand their IP and better manage and better communicate to raise investment and to add value. We work with start-up and high-growth business and understand how they should tick. We can work closely with the portfolio companies ensuring IP is evaluated, captured and protected and that IP protection budgets are appropriately directed.
We work with many companies looking for investment so can make introductions where a profile matches a requirement.

We can assist on the broad range of technology but have specific sector expertise in chemistry, medical and clean tech technologies, notably industrial biotechnology and fuel cells.

Relevant services

Investment due diligence

  • defining and articulating the IP in the investment opportunity
  • identifying and evaluating risks: what IP will be protected, can this be designed around, what Freedom to Operate issues might there be?

IP review/audit

  • review your portfolio company’s IP in context of existing business and future objectives
  • re-align IP protection and develop a revised strategy

Patent and design protection

  • bring your IP protection into line with revised strategy and new innovations

Retained IP advisor

  • Providing a pseudo IP director service with predictable costs and on-hand proactive IP guidance for your business
  • addressing challenges of copycats, infringements, infringement risks, new IP capture, training and portfolio management


Our network of attorneys around the world can provide the support for your investee companies or are available to advice on infringement issues.  By our nature we work with many start-ups seeking investment and are always looking to find opportunities to make appropriate connections.  Our networks include technical experts to provide technical and commercial due diligence to complement our IP due diligence offering.