You’re an established business with ambitions to sustain or improve growth, to take the next step in development, to extend product lines or geographical reach or to consolidate your existing position.

As a product or service becomes successful or established, competition issues arise. You need to ensure you have the appropriate IP protection. The transition to bigger and better creates many opportunities but is a challenge. There is a great deal of value being created which should be protected.

Adding value to your business

Ellis IP can help review your IP objectives. After a period of growth and development, original plans might have changed, but IP portfolios are no longer aligned with objectives. Future objectives might be different, too. We can review your IP in the context of your business objectives, and develop and implement a strategy which adds value. You may need to upskill your management or R&D with knowledge of IP matters…

Relevant services

IP review/audit

  • review your IP in context of existing business and future objectives
  • re-align IP protection and develop a revised strategy

Training and systems development

  • upskill your team to identify and capture IP
  • help establish IP capture processes and systems


  • review brands in use, the way they are used and relevant markets
  • consider new trade mark
  • protection and filing programme
  • establish a trade mark watch for potential infringing marks

Patent and design protection

  • bring your IP protection into line with revised strategy and new innovations

Retained IP advisor

  • providing a pseudo IP director service with predictable costs and on-hand pro-active IP guidance for your business
  • addressing challenges of copycats, infringements, infringement risks, new IP capture, training and portfolio management


We work with numerous start-ups and SMEs and our networks are growing and valuable. Our contacts, investors, legal expertise, designers and manufacturers, marketing and brand experts are a resource for you as our client.