Start Up / Entrepreneur

You might be a company director, an entrepreneur, innovator, inventor – or just someone with a great idea.

You’re a specialist in your area or someone who spotted a niche and decided to go for it. You can manage your team, your business’s physical assets and your cashflow – but you need to protect your intellectual assets: your inventions, your ideas, your people. These are at the core of your business. They are your most valuable assets. You want these to grow and succeed. You want to identify your intellectual property – and protect it. You know that protecting your IP will add to your business’s financial strength.

Adding value to your business

Ellis IP can help understand your business, capture the relevant IP and develop a strategy aligned with your commercial objectives. We can implement it efficiently and cost effectively. Our approach is holistic and is built around your particular demands – all designed to add value.

Relevant services

IP audit

  • understand where the business value lies
  • align IP protection with commercial objectives
  • develop an adaptable strategy
  • assess where to protect the brand
  • check for infringement risk before launch

Patent and design protection

  • capture and protect before you publish (critical for key technologies)
  • should you patent or rely on trade secrets?


  • is it a good protectable brand
  • is there an infringement risk that should be checked before launch
  • choosing a brand
  • the importance of protection

Investor readiness

  • are you looking for investment? What are investors looking for
  • understanding IP and taking appropriate steps to protect it is a key issue for investors


We work with numerous start-ups and SMEs and our networks are growing and valuable. This is a resource for you as our client – to use our networks to access contacts, investors, legal expertise, designers and manufacturers, marketing and brand experts.