Universities & Research Institutes

You’re a tech transfer executive or portfolio manager with a hectic schedule, or a research charity manager with a multitude of activities to manage. You are responsible for capturing IP, decision making on progressing or not, patent protection for invention, agreements with partners and also for the licensing and commercialisation of IP. Time-poor, you know you could do more but have to meet all your responsibilities.

Adding value to your work

Ellis IP can assist with IP capture and protection – decision making and patent protection. We offer an effective fixed-price drafting service and will take responsibility for managing and working with the inventors to minimise hassle and maximise efficiency. We can also assist with commercialisation decision making, and contacts. We have worked with a number of projects, particularly in the life science and cleantech sectors in reviewing inventions, technology audit, freedom to operate, investor readiness and licensing.

Relevant services

Patent drafting and prosecution

  • cost effective, fixed price patent drafting and filing service
  • managing relationship with inventors
  • IP cost forecasting for budgetary purposes
  • International and overseas patent portfolio management

IP capture exercise

  • one-off or regular IP capture, review or management exercises to identify IP, provide assessment of patentability and recommend timing and next steps

Freedom-to-operate review

  • for more advanced projects where spin-out/investment is under consideration, a freedom-to-operate review may be appropriate.


In addition to our IP support in filing and prosecuting patent applications in the UK and overseas, we have certain contacts and associates which can be considered an extension of your own network. In particular, we have close associates that have carried out technology assessments, market assessment and commercialisation projects, particularly in clean tech and life science areas.